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Tips From Trish ~ November’s News!

Watch this fabulous video on how to keep from locking your knees, which reduces knee pain. Creating stronger Quadriceps and a stable knee!


I am so excited as I just bought a new reformer!!!! I found one screamin’ good deal in Encino for a barely used Allegro 1 Reformer. Hubby and I went up there with a trailer, and sure enough, it was … Continue reading


I have finally added Zumba to my schedule! I am teaching at 2 places right now. In Pilates of Old Town (Tustin) on Mondays at12 pm and 6 pm, Wednesdays at 5 pm, and Fridays at noon! Also I have … Continue reading

New Website

Hi everyone, we’re setting up my new website.

October 5th, 2011-

Wow! Has time ever flown by! Between my son getting married this year and the new deck we put in (ourselves! Now that was truly an adventure!) I have not had any time to devote to my blog.

I intend on focusing more on updating you on what I am doing, Pilates discounts I am offering,  info on new exercises and anything else I think might interest you.

First of all I am doing a new class called Pilates Cardio Circuit. I am really excited about it! It’s what I call my Boot Camp Pilates. Because it keeps your heart rate up for most of the session you will notice the difference in your energy right away! And as you get stronger the results are leaner abs, glutes, arms and thighs, and a healthier you! Which I am all for!

We start with a warm-up for 3-5 min. Then we workout for around  45-50 minutes alternating between 3-5 min. of cardio training on the Reformer jump board, and 3-5 min of strength training on Reformer, chair and other equipment and props. Because we work several major muscle groups at one time, you end up getting a total body workout! Then we cool down  and stretch for the remainder of the time. You go away feeling really great! I think it is fun because you know what to expect and you look forward to each exercise in  the circuit and what it will do for your body! Please note that I am offering these classes at a different rate because they can be done with 2 or more people which makes it even more fun! Call me for details!!!