Why can’t I just learn from a Pilates video?

There are lots of good Pilates videos available, but it’s always better to have the personal guidance of an experienced instructor like myself. Especially if you’re a Pilates beginner, it’s a good idea to have someone like me show you the right movements. In Pilates we emphasize bodily control and correct form when working out. You need an objective pair of eyes to help you do it right. For instance, I might tell you something specific like “draw in your ribcage and lower abs,” and then follow up with the reason why: “it will relieve the pressure on your lower back.” I can also give you the motivation and insight that a video usually can’t. I’m always learning and refining my skills, so you’ll benefit from my direct experience. Since you have unique needs, I can better tailor exercises to be the very best for you. You’ll improve over time and I will help make sure that your exercises are continually challenging, something a video can’t do. Plus you’ll have more fun through our personal interaction!