Is Pilates fun?

Pilates is fun! I like it because it gives such a full-body workout. I know that when I walk out of the Pilates studio after a session, I can feel all my muscles have been used. It’s fun for me because Pilates creates long, lean muscles, much like a ballet dancer or swimmer. There’s a lot of technique involved, and there’s satisfaction in knowing how to do all the motions correctly. You get to stretch muscles that you don’t usually use. It’s also fun because of the social aspect. You can work out in a class with friends and have a good time. If you go with a group of people, there’s a sense of accountability which is motivating. With a good Pilates instructor, you have someone who cares about you getting more physically fit. As an instructor it’s always fun for me because I get to see people improve their body conditioning and that’s inspirational. Pilates isn’t always easy, if done correctly.  It is a means to getting change in your mind and body on a daily basis!