Who can do Pilates?

Anybody can enjoy Pilates. It’s very safe. People of all ages, from teens to 80-year-olds, benefit from Pilates. Many of the exercises are done lying down or in a sitting position. Movements are done fluidly. Many physical therapy facilities incorporate Pilates into their rehabilitation program.

Senior citizens: I work with the elderly all the time with Pilates. They do it because they want to get stronger. Age is no issue. Just a willingness to exercise! Physical fitness is just as important for older people as it is for the young. Pilates can help older people improve their range of motion and become more confident on their feet.

Physical issues/disabilities: I can help people with various physical issues. I’ve worked out people who had everything from knee replacements to fibromyalgia. My exercise program can help free up your body and give you more movement, improving your quality of life. I take your particular needs into serious consideration when coming up with your workouts. You should let me know if you have any ailments or issues that I need to know about before our first session!

Pregnant women: I can work with women who are pregnant and who have been doing Pilates for a while. Fitness doesn’t have to end just because a baby’s on the way. I wouldn’t however, advise starting Pilates (or any other brand new fitness routine) while you’re already pregnant for your own safety.

Everyone can do Pilates as long as they have their doctor’s approval. The exercises are flexible and tailored to your own needs. I can modify the intensity of a workout from being gentle enough for a complete beginner to being challenging enough for a long-time athlete. It’s important that you work with someone who has been trained and certified, and who has also done an apprenticeship for at least a year. I have been trained and certified. I have done two apprenticeships and continue to learn every day!