I am so excited…

I am so excited as I just bought a new reformer!!!! I found one screamin’ good deal in Encino for a barely used Allegro 1 Reformer. Hubby and I went up there with a trailer, and sure enough, it was in excellent condition> So we packed it in and drove off, only meeting his mother because he  had to go to work. He kept it in her garage along with his sauna! I am soooo grateful to have two reformers now because that means that now people can come with a buddy to work out and pay less! I am doing a new introductory offer for privates and class prices that will make it doable for people to come 2-3 times per week if they want. Sooo excited! must repeat soooooo thankful that I can help others to reach their goals of getting healthy! Will list new prices for all to see!!!!!!!! Yes!


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