Drums Alive!

So excited to be getting my training and certification in early August for Drums Alive!!! This will be something new I will be adding to my repertoire of movement and fun to my life! Besides awesome Reformer and Barre workouts which are amazing already!!!


Benefits of :
The Drum
The drum is one of the most ancient instruments dating back tens of thousands of years. It has been used for generations. Drumming captures the heart of most that encounter it and connects us with the deeper rhythms of life. It has the potential of allowing the mind, body, soul, nature, spirit, and the cosmos dance to share their intimate dialogue and speak in a tongue that unites us all.
Drumming is a powerful experience and most simply, it is FUN!

Drums Alive® Essential Principles
– Posture and Alignment
– Natural Breathing – rhythmical breathing
– Movements are fluid and continuous through a full ROM
– Upper and lower body move in synchronized harmony
– Neuromuscular Rhythmical/Movement patterns are developed
to stimulate the 2 brain hemispheres.
– Energy is focused and concentrated
– The mind is open to cognitive and creative experiences
– Practice whole brain communication (3 dimensional patterns)
– Proper build up and break down of both Rhythm and or Movement
– Provide time for creative expression and moments for powerful release
of stressors.
– Allow time to calm down and experience the slower rhythms to
activate and increase Alpha Brain wave activity.
– Let your spirit fly and enjoy the essence of your movement!


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